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Deborah Rose
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Misson Statement


Phenomenal Women by Nature's initiative is to help women graciously bond together, helping one another transition from sexual or domestic abuse to having an abundantly free life!  Building transitional homes for them to stand, to walk, and to run towards their freedom!!!  Survival is what we do best! 


My Story

Deborah Rose is a Sexual Assault Survivor, Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Domestic Violence Advocate.  She is also embarking to be an Inspiring Life Coach to help others see what they don’t see in themselves.  Ms Rose has done several speaking engagements as the keynote speaker inspiring and motivating others to tell their truth. ​

She has also been in law enforcement for the past 12.5 years receiving training in many areas such as corrections, narcotics enforcement, and police patrol. Deborah Rose will soon finish for her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Emergency Management at Bellevue University.  Ms Rose has also had some rigorous training in martial arts making the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Deborah has made it her life’s mission to use her victory and survival story to inspire others to find their strength and their voice.  She makes herself available to coach and mentor the young and the old through their bondage.  Deborah has conducted the groundbreaking work for her nonprofit organization called “Phenomenal Women By Nature”.

My Books

The Shadow

in my Eyes

Praise God!

I Don't Look Ike What I've Been Through

My Books
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