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My name is Jeffrey Whittingham – I am a former Temple University football standout with a burning passion to help others succeed.  Being born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey, socio-economic hardships and environmental woes made it difficult to remain optimistic about a brighter future.  I did not allow those difficulties to deter me from accomplishing my goals.  In 2014, I became the first person from my immediate family to graduate from college.  Since then, I have been relentlessly pursuing my goals, while at the same time, setting a positive example for the young men and women in my community.  The combination of my past experiences, present skills, leadership qualities and intellect, make me uniquely qualified to help mold the youth of our community to grow to their full potential.


Growing up, it was difficult for me to see past my immediate circumstances.  Fortunately, football provided me with the optimism I needed to see beyond my present circumstances and elevate to the next level. My motivation to excel in football stemmed from my desire to prove to others in my community that it is possible to excel, despite growing up in an economically depressed area with little to no positive role models.  Today, my mission is to motivate people from all over to excel, despite any adversity and/or obstacle in their way. I want to be the light and optimism for someone who may not have the means to find it on their own.

It’s a Blessing to become a Blessing to others.

- Jeff Whittingham

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